Small details make a big difference!

To make your experience on Tira smoother, we've added a few minor (but super useful) features!

Pin boards

You can now pin your most important boards to the top of the page to make them stand out. You can focus more on work and less on searching for the correct board. This is especially useful if you work in a team with many boards.

To do this, click the three-dot icon on a board.

Click "Pin".

Your pinned boards will then appear at the top of the page.

Show properties toggle

Sometimes when working, you want to be able to jump right into a task without being distracted by the details of the task. Now you can toggle the properties so that the details don't show.

In a task, you can use the "Show Properties" button to show or hide the task's details.

View of the task when properties are shown.

View of the task when properties are hidden.

Show attachment icon in tasks

Tasks inside a board now show the attachment icon if the task has attachments inside.  

The number indicates how many attachments are inside of the task.