Google integrations have arrived!

Google integrations have arrived!

Tira now offers Google Meet, Google Drive, and Google Calendar integrations. Jump in a call with your team at the click of a button, share files easily, and sync your Google calendar with your Tira calendar.

How to connect Google Drive and Google Calendar with Tira:

Navigate to the workspace settings by clicking on your company profile picture (located in the top left corner of your workspace). Click Authorized Apps and click Connect on the app you wish to authorize.

Google Meet

Sometimes tasks need to be discussed in more detail. This is why video calls are useful. With the Google Meet integration, starting a video call just takes one click.

To create an online meeting, go to a chat, and click on the Google Meet icon located in the message field.

Google Drive

Ensure that everyone has the right documents on hand by attaching or sharing Google documents.

To share Google Drive files to a chat, click on the Google Drive icon located in the message field.

To attach a Google Drive file to a task, navigate to the Boards and open a task. Click Add Attachments and click Upload from Google Drive.

Google Calendar

Sync your Tira calendar with your Google calendar so you always know what's happening and when.

When you create an event in the Tira calendar, there are a number of options you can select:

-Add the event to Google Calendar

-Send invitation emails to participants

-Add Google Meet video conferencing

We are always improving, and we would love your feedback. Get in touch with us at if you want us to improve this feature or if you have any feedback!